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COVID-19 Vaccines

★Latest Information (October 17 Updated )

COVID Vaccine Appointments

Please refer to Hikone’s monthly community newsletter for more information on vaccination schedules and sites.

The 1st Dose and 2nd Dose

Please make an appointment directly with a medical facility that is offering a 1st and 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

A COVID-19 vaccine appointment for a 1st and 2nd dose cannot be booked through Hikone City’s telephone appointment center or the Internet.

Eligibility: People aged over 5 on the day of their vaccination.

Parents/guardians are required to accompany their children aged 5 to 15 to a vaccination site when they are getting a shot. If a parent/guardian cannot accompany the child, the letter of attorney (see below) is required.

3rd Dose and 4th Dose

Please book your COVID-19 vaccine appointment by calling Hikone City’s telephone appointment center or online. (Some medical facilities accept direct appointments only.)

Eligibility: People Over 12

A vaccination ticket will be mailed to individuals aged 12 and older who received a 2nd dose more than five months ago.

Vaccine Appointment Via the Web *Only available in Japanese.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information