Hikone Disaster Prevention Manual(彦根市民防災マニュアル)


 The city of Hikone updated its previous Disaster Prevention Manual, that was distributed to all registered households within Hikone, for the first time in 12 years, and in March 2018, the city completed the distribution of the Japanese version of the 2018 Hikone Disaster Prevention Manual to all registered households.

 Now the 2018 Hikone Disaster Prevention Manual in foreign languages; English, Portuguese, Chines and Korean, is available free of charge, so come and pick it up at the customer service desk of the Disaster & Crisis Management Office, Citizens’ Affairs Division, Human Rights Policy Division or each branch office of the Hikone City hall.  

 This disaster prevention manual was created with the aim of helping all the residents of Hikone to know the assessment of possible damages caused by disasters, to learn what to do in the event of disasters and to take steps towards disaster preparedness on a daily basis so that the residents can get prepared for the unexpected.

 Please keep the hazard maps that were distributed to all registered households within Hikone in July 2017 alongside this disaster prevention manual.

Introduction of the Manual

Degree of damage from each disaster, estimated on the ground of up-to-date investigations, is printed.

 You are sure that Hikone is free from disasters, aren’t you?

 Do not be so sure! Check the estimated damage from temblors and floods!

Be Aware of Dangers in Your Neighbourhood through Hazard Maps!

 As a starter, check distribution of seismic intensities and inundation depth in your neighbourhood.

Confirm How to Obtain Accurate Emergency Information!

  Equip yourself with the knowledge of how to get precise information through the TV, Radio, official website of Hikone and more.

Know What You Should Do in the Event of a Disaster!

 Keep in mind that when an earthquake occurs, Drop, Cover and Hold On!

 Do you have to take shelter when a flood happens, or do you have to evacuate to higher ground?

 Learn what to do by reading the manual!

Create Your Own Disaster Prevention Map in Cooperation With Your Family and Community.

  You can make your own disaster prevention map (specializing in your local area) by using hazard maps and disaster prevention stickers which are inserted in the manual. Also create your own map showing the safe evacuation route between your place and the nearest evacuation shelter, or create the one highlighting perilous places in your local district by directly writing in the map.

Hikone Disaster Prevention Manual(彦根市民防災マニュアル)


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