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Trash Separation Rules

To take out your household garbage, first separate household garbage correctly by using city’s designated garbage bags, and take it out to a designated garbage collection spot in your local district no later than 8 a.m. You can buy designated garbage bags at supermarkets, etc. within Hikone.

With regard to the designated garbage collection spot, please ask your neighbour or someone from the residents’ association of your local district. If you are living in an apartment room, please contact your landlord/landlady or real estate company for the collection spot.

Regarding large-size garbage (furniture, home appliances for instance), you are not allowed to take any of it out to the designated garbage collection spot. Large-size garbage needs to be brought directly to the Sanitation Centre, or you need to make a collection request to the Sanitation Centre (You will be charged for this large-size garbage collection service.) If you need further information, please contact the city hall.