Hikone Email Emergency Information System


In order for citizens to receive disaster information promptly and accurately, we provide a service that sends disaster information and other information by email to mobile phones and computers that have been registered in advance.Please sign up to receive important information.

Types of Emergency Information

Types of Information Delivered to “All Registered Email Addresses”

Information Type


DisasterDisaster updates

Disaster updates


Warnings on terrorism, a ballistic missile heading toward Japan, etc.

Evacuation Warning

Emergency evacuation information

River Flood Warning

River levels and flood risks

Types of Information You Can Choose to Receive

Information Type


Dam Release

Information about water expected to be released from dams

Weather Information

Information about weather conditions and weather warnings being issued or lifted.

Weather Information (Severe)

Each weather-related warning, special warning, mudslide warning, torrential rain, and other severe weather conditions


Breaking news on an earthquake, earthquake updates, epicenter of an earthquake.

Fire, Fire Prevention

Alerts about a building fire, a vehicle fire, and a wild fire, etc.Warnings on weather conditions that cause fires to burn more vigorously.

CrimeDetails (day, time, area) on a suspicious person or a suspect.

Details (day, time, area) on a suspicious person or a suspect.

Polluted Air and PM 2.5

Information on air pollutants such as a photochemical smog,  PM 2.5and the like.

Missing Person (Seniors, etc.)

Information on missing persons such seniors with dementia, etc.

Infection Disease

Information on infectious diseases such as influenza, chicken pox, E.coli O157, etc.Emergency information on a novel influenza.

Food Poisoning Warning

Warning on rates of food poisoning in warm weather.


Details on traffic accidents within Hikone and information about traffic safety campaigns.


Steps to Sign up for the Emergency Information System

1. Send a blank email. (Click the link below and send a blank email.)

Or Scan the QR code on the right.

2. You will receive a reply with your temporary registration information.
3. Click on a link in the email.
4.You will automatically jump to a registration page. Please compete the registration form.
5. Once you compete and submit your online registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. This means the registration is now compete.

You can watch how to sing up for the Hikone emergency information system.
*No audio.

Method of change/unsubscribe

When you wish to unsubscribe

To unsubscribe, refer to the address at the end of the email you received and select unsubscribe.After a short time you will receive an email confirming your unsubscription.

When you wish to change the content you receive

To change the information you wish to receive, please refer to the address at the end of the email you received and select the option to change your registration details.

When you wish to change the registered e-mail address

Please unsubscribe with your old email address and then register with your new email address.


○Although registration is free of charge, the user is responsible for any communication charges, for example, when receiving emails.

○The emails for this service will be sent out at anytime.

○Before registering, please make sure you are set up to receive emails from "[email protected]".Contact your carrier for additional support when the setting up is unclear.


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